Details of Individual Membership Levels

Individual Member Levels to be implemented in 2017:

  • Student Member - $39: This level is for full time students only and may be used for a maximum of three years. 

  • NEW Gateway Member - $89: This membership level was created with state section members, new professionals and retired members in mind. Gateway membership is an entry point into AWRA offering key benefits at a reduced cost. This level includes print/online/archive of Water Resources IMPACT, access to the Members Only Forum on and discounts on webinars, conference recordings, reports and select Wiley publications. Gateway members can also choose to upgrade to Professional at any time by paying the difference between the two memberships.

  • Professional Member (formerly Regular) - $179: This member level was formerly called Regular Member level. This level is truly the best value, as it provides all possible membership benefits offered by AWRA.

  • NEW Premier Member - $849: Are you kidding me? (That's what you're thinking, right?) This member level includes all of the benefits of the Professional level plus one conference registration and a few extra conference perks. If you know that you will be attending at least one AWRA conference and would like to pay for everything in one fell swoop, then this is the level for you.

Individual Member Levels to be sunset in 2017:

  • Transitional and International Electronic: Due to lack of use, the Board chose to sunset the transitional and international electronic member levels. Members currently in these levels will be encouraged to consider the Gateway member level.

  • Online and Retired: These two member levels were still somewhat popular, but have been experiencing continued decline over the past several years. Members currently in these levels will be encouraged to consider either the Gateway or Professional member level.